16 July 2014

Portraits of cyclists: “I fell good. I take my time and I actually enjoy it.”


I cycle every day in Copenhagen. I start in Norrebro and I cross the Dronning Louises Bridge. Then, I go down Gothersgade with the Rosenborg Palace Garden on my left. Finally, I cross Knippelsbro to reach Christianshavn.”

So, you cycle every day on the two busiest bridges of Copenhagen (about 36.000 cyclists on Dronning Louises Bridge and 40.700 on Knippelsbro in 2012). How do you fell when you cross them?”
I fell good. I take my time and I actually enjoy it.”

I have been living here in Copenhagen for nearly 10 years and don't know any bus routes because I cycle everywhere I go and, I like it. I like the freedom it gives. You have nothing to plan, you just take your bike. When I'm thinking about it, it's insane how much Copenhageners use their bike, day and night.”

Do you have a specific memory related to cycling in Copenhagen?”

On my first year at the Architecture school, I was cycling with the people of my study group going from a party to a bar. We were cycling to close to each other so I fell down. I still have a scar. I considered it as my baptism as a cyclist in Copenhagen.”

Short-Jacket - portrait

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