9 July 2014

Portraits of cyclists - “Cycling to work every day, you get use to it very fast and you get to love it too”

20km on high heels

I live in Copenhagen. I cycle every day 10km to go to work and 10km to come back.”

Because it's faster and easier than taking the car or the public transports. It's a good way to be active.”

“With these shoes?”

What is your favorite route in the city?”
I change my route sometimes. If I do a detour, I like going through the city, to see all the people and for the specific atmosphere of this part of the city.”

What would be your advice for the women who wouldn't dare to cycle 20km to work?”
It's a matter of habits. You get use to it very fast and you get to love it too.”

20km on high heels - shoes

20km on high heels - portrait

More picture of Copenhagen every day on the Facebook page of Byliv In Copenhagen.


Mila Szolkowska said...


Lately I have discovered your blog and I find your photos very cute. It is a great idea to take photos of people on bikes, especially in CPH:).

I also like to read all of the small talks and I am wondering how do you get people to tell you all of the stories?

Anyway, congratulation on your idea and good luck in the future:).


Clo said...

Thanks a lot Mila for your message. :-) I'm glad to hear that you are also interested in reading the story. Clotilde from Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

Living And Bicycles! said...

I liked that you asked "In these shoes"! :-)
Actually riding in heals is much easier than people think. Talking from my experience, when I'm wearing heals putting my foot down is waaay more resting than when I'm wearing flats and have to stand on my tippy toe! :-P