11 June 2014

Portraits of cyclists: Stina - "Cycling is freedom"


I'm from Copenhagen but I live in Stockholm right now. In both cities, I cycle every day.

In Stockholm the organisation of the city makes my bike commute very different from Copenhagen. Here you can get from one point to another in around 20 minutes in most cases.
For instance, Stockholm could make more space for cyclists, create wider lanes, and maybe streets without cars at all.

In Copenhagen, cycling is the symbol of freedom. It can take you everywhere, acting as a support to help you go forward.
I don't have a favorite route, I like discovering new spots. For instance, I've never been here before.

My "man" bike has many things that are not working yet but it's very light that it takes me from place to place so quickly. I actually live on my bike. I carry tons of things all the time.”

Do you have any anecdote to share which happened when you were cycling?”

Once, I was cycling close to the City Hall and this guy, who for many years have been staying here to hand out free newspapers, tried to stop every cyclists who passed in front of him and kiss them on the cheek. He tried to make his day and the one of the cyclists a bit funnier. Cyclists laughed since it brought a good atmosphere on the bike track.”

Stina - portrait

Stina - detail

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