18 June 2014

Portraits of cyclists - Conrad: "I really don't care about my average speed"

Conrad - portrait

I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle every day but not during the winter.
I ride a second hand bike, I don't fell like spending money on a bike.

I learned riding a bike when I was 3 years old. For me, it's just normal to bike in the city. I cycle since it's faster than taking the bus. When I've got to go further, I cycle to the station and I put my bike in the train.”

Do you know how many kilometers you cycle every day? Do you know your average speed or things like that?”
I don't know. Maybe 10 kilometers. I really don't care about my average speed.

The good thing when you ride a bike is that you can see the city and wave to your friend we you meet them.”


Conrad - sticker

Sticker of Pele Che Coco – Conrad brother's Sustainable Recycled Fashion shop   

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