8 June 2014

Cycle Chic Turns Seven

Luxembourg Cycle Chic
Seven years ago today, this blog we call Copenhagen Cycle Chic was born. While the Photo That Launched a Million Bicycles was taken, as you probably know, on November 14, 2006, the blog started in June the year after. It's been a wild and glorious ride and we love every minute of it. The testimonials we've recieved through the years are treasures to us, as are all the people we continue to meet around the world who thank us for this blog and the inspiration. Inspiration is, however, a two-way street and we are constantly inspired by the people we meet and photograph.

For no particular reason, here are some recent photos from Luxembourg to celebrate our birthday.

Luxembourg Cycle Chic_1

Luxembourg Cycle Chic_4

Luxembourg Cycle Chic_3

Luxembourg Cycle Chic_5

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