17 April 2014

Portraits of cyclists - Sara & Jinnie: Cyclists from Århus

Sara - Aarhus

I'm from Århus. I cycle every day. Århus is definitely a bicycle-friendly city.”

We're in a “bike-street”. Do you appreciate this infrastructure? Do you cycle safely in this street?”
No, not in this street particularly. The Municipality tries to make space for cyclists in the city, but here they were not able to make it bike-friendly.”

What can you tell me about your bike?”
It's just a bike. Cycling is my primary mode of transport but I have no particular interest in bikes. I found this basket in the street last week.
I go everywhere by bike and if a friend doesn't have one, I just tell him to jump on at the back of mine.”

Sara - Portrait - Aarhus

Sara - basket - Aarhus

Jinnie - Aarhus

I'm from Århus. I use my bike mainly on week-end when I go to the city-centre. I think it's pretty complicated to get around by bike in Århus. I must get off my bike and walk quite often. Otherwise the route by bike can be longer.

I like my bike. I looked for one that was not like the other ones and I think this one is quite unique.

After purchasing my bike, I used it to get back home, but the handlebars were not tightened down properly and after a few meters I fell down in the middle of the street. It was a bad start. But now we get along much better.”

Jinnie - portrait - Aarhus

Jinnie - detail - Aarhus

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