9 April 2014

Portraits of cyclists: Pernille - "“In Boston we'll cycle even if we're the only ones to do it ”


"I'm from Copenhagen. I cycle every day, all year long. With my family, we'll move to Boston soon and we will bring our bikes with us. We will cycle there even if we're the only ones to do it. Transporting myself by bike is a natural part of my life. It's a nice way to get some exercise".

Pernille - Portrait

Pernille - shoes
Beautiful Chanel shoes.

More pictures of Copenhagen on Byliv In CPH.


amidnightrider said...

You will have plenty of biking company in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Have to ask: Why would anyone move away from a "happy place" such as Copenhagen to Boston? Have you thought this through?

Unknown said...

Commendable photography blogs indeed. Love them all.