30 April 2014

Dennis - “I bought this bike on the first day I settled down in Copenhagen”


I'm from Sweden. I live in Copenhagen since I'm studying architecture here. I love the city. I cycle everyday to get around. I bought this bike on the first day I settled down in Copenhagen.
A few weeks after my bike disappeared. One day, I was getting off the bus when I saw it parked just around the corner. So, I took it back.”

Do you have a favorite route to cycle through the city?”
By the water! When the weather is sunny it can happen that I do a quick detour to follow the canals in Christianshavn. Sometimes, I also jump off the bike and walk.
The cyclists are the best thing about this city and being a cyclist make me definitely a part of it.”

How do you think cycling in the streets of Copenhagen will influence the architect you'll become?”
It's the best way to go from A to B. So, I'll pay attention to integrate bikes in my projects. I'd say to other cities: look at Copenhagen, how well it works. Just put white stripes on the streets and let the cyclists come.”

Denis - Portrait

Denis - Shoes

Denis - Bag

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Steve Barner said...

That loose fender strut may cause a nasty crash if it catches the tire. Best to remove it.