5 March 2014

Portraits of cyclists: «When I cycle, I appreciate more the city »

red scarf and shoes

 « I'm from Copenhagen and I cycle every day. I don't own a car. This bicycle is my dad's bike. It's a Raleigh (from their Danish collection). He always talks about this brand. »

« I own a bike and not a car because it's easier to get around. Wherever you want to go to,  you can pretty much get there in 20 or 25 minutes. It's more convenient and you get some exercise. It's almost a meditative moment.»

« What do you like the most about cycling? »

« Compare to a car, I fell that I'm much more aware of my surroundings. I notice more details around me and I appreciate more the city.»

red scarf and shoes - portrait

Have you noticed the shoes matching perfectly the scarf? ;-)

red scarf and shoes - details

More pictures of Copenhagen every day on Byliv in CPH.

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Marcy said...

Love, love, love the shoes!