18 December 2013

Lieke - “My bike and I have almost the same age”


I come from Holland. I brought my own bike when I came to Copenhagen.”

You come from a country where there is a strong bicycle culture. What do you think about the bicycle culture of Copenhagen? What surprised you the most when you arrived here?”
I think the bicycle culture is pretty much the same. I was surprised by the organization of the intersections. In the Netherlands, all the cars stop and then the bikes can go in all the directions. When my friends come to visit me, I always warn them.
I was also surprised to see a lot of nice brand-new bikes. And finaly, the fact that the cyclists in Copenhagen do not really lock their bikes and they tie them up to nothing. I brought my Dutch lock too.”

Lieke - Portrait

Why did you come with your bike? Does it represent something special for you?”
It's my old bike. I like spending time to fix it. We have almost the same age. It is just one year older than me.

You will go back to Holland in a couple of days, what will you bring back from Copenhagen?”
“These very warm gloves! Here, the wind go through the gloves, so you need an other layer of wool inside.”

Lieke - Gloves
Copenhagen's gloves and Dutch lock.

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