1 November 2013

SO sweet: The Friendly Copenhagen Hug – on bike

Thursday morning view from Copenhagen Lagkagehuset

Standing just by great Danish pastry house Lagkagehuset, I couldn’t help taking a photo of these two sweet friends-on-bikes.

Thursday morning view from Copenhagen Lagkagehuset

Two more friends. Hey handsome guys, where are your bicycles?!

Copenhagen Rain Man riding in the rain

Moving on to Illum and Købmagergade, I also had to stop this guy. His bicycle umbrella takes 30 km of wind! Riding in the rain – with absolute style.

Ps. Shooting Copenhagen travel guides – on bike – these days. Together with Cycle Chic co-blogger Clotilde. Stay tuned on www.cphblonde.com for the first release.

Copenhagen travel guide - the shooting...

Peace & Love,

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