20 November 2013

Portraits of cyclists - Jens: “Today, I'm just riding around the city to discover new places”


I cycle every day to the main station to catch my train to Roskilde where I study. I have a single speed bike which can be turned into a fixie. I think it's a cool bike. I come from Jutland and I think that in Copenhagen there is a bike culture that does not exist in the other cities in Denmark.”

Why do you like biking in Copenhagen?”
I bike because it's fast and cheap. It's also nice to get the opportunity to take a look at new places. Today [Sunday afternoon], I'm just riding around the city to discover new places.”

Jens - portrait

Jens - wheel 
Red wheel matching the red chain.

More pictures of Copenhagen every day on Byliv in CPH.


Unknown said...

What is the story with that roller coaster of a boardwalk behind him???

Unknown said...

Yeah...the roller coaster boardwalk is cool