27 November 2013

Portraits of cyclists - Astrid: “Explorer” is a nice name for a bike

Astrid - Portrait

I cycle every day, everywhere.”

Where did you find your bike ?”
I got it for free since I found it in my parents' garage. It's very old. I like it. It's written « explorer » on it and I thought it's a nice name for a bike.
I found these handles in Berlin.”

Do you feel that you belong to the cyclists community of Copenhagen ?  Do you think there is a specific cyclist culture in Copenhagen ?”
When I was younger, the bike culture in Denmark was nicer. The cyclists were more friendly on the bike lanes. Now, I think people are a little bit more aggressive. But I like biking and I'll keep on cycling. I'm definitely a part of the cyclists community of Copenhagen.
Actually, we are more and more cyclists every day. The bike lanes are too narrow now. We need more space.”

You cycle with a nice coat today, where does it come from?”
It comes from Japan.”


Astrid - bike name 
Bike surname and German style handles.

More pictures of Copenhagen every day on Byliv in CPH.


cicliferrari said...

Ciao, complimenti!

Libby said...

That's funny, my bike (a Gazelle Omafiets) is named "Astrid" :-)

cicliferrari said...

My ciclo Oma is named "Oma Zero Duch"
Betulla, hand made, disegnata in Torino