28 October 2013

Enter the Headwind

There's a storm warning for Copenhagen and parts of Denmark today. Here's a little prequel. While many parts of Denmark are hilly, the central area of Copenhagen is rather flat. What many people don't understand is that wind is a major factor. On a windy day, cycling into a headwind, it is equal to cycling up a hill with a 6% grade. And hills end. Wind doesn't.

Today, the storm strength winds will transform Copenhagen into the Pyranees. We will, however, just get on with it.
Superdad Headwind

Stormy Headwind

Langebro Ascent Headwind


Rainy Day2


All Hail Springtime

Danish Bicycle History - Wind
It's nothing new, of course. Wind has always been a factor in Copenhagen, as the vintage photo, above, attests.
Center For Traffic
Make sure your bike is not free-standing today, unless you have a proper kickstand.
The Wind Man
Some people are more prepared for the wind than others.
Human Battery - Bullitt with Wind Mill and Solar Panels

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