11 October 2013

Cycle Chic, Belfast Times, Amalienborg – and purple shoe laces

Amalienborg Copenhagen

Hello Danish princes and princesses, where are you?

Oh, this could SO much be me, exploring Copenhagen on bike. This is Amalienborg, the winter home of the Danish royal family. Well, no need then to try call their attention before the snow arrives (O;
What else has happened since last Friday: It all started with a photo of some trendy purple shoelaces in Copenhagen Latin Quarter, belonging to a handsome Canadian tourist – check him out in tall handsome person right here.

Hot shoes in Copenhagen Latin Quarter

Some lovely people not just read my posts, they also follow my fashion advice… now my blog pals at Belfast Times have picked up the trend! They have been to their first @belfashionweek, read ALL about it – including their brand new colored shoelaces.

Belfast Times



Well, hello there… co-Cycle Chic guest blogger Clotilde and I are celebrating our three blogs – including this very one –  being selected among the five best blogs about Copenhagen, by Spotted by Locals. What a feast, and we needed to be photo creative to have Cycle Chic Himself join us in our toast. He looks pretty cool, ugh?

Ps. Don’t hesitate to step by CAFE/BAR 7 in Studiestræde – you too, it’s such a Copenhagen lovely place to hang out.

You take care until next Friday!

Peace & Blog Love,

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