18 October 2013

Copenhagen Sweet and Cycle Chic Casper

Sweet Cycle Chic Guy - Guys!
Hello there ;) Deliberately stopping this nice guy just by Copenhagen shopping center Magasin.
Café Under Elmene
Casper’s favorite Copenhagen cafe is… Cafe Under Elmene at Amager. And yep, that burger looks GOOD. AND he works at Mac – I like.
By the way, would you like a free 3 course dinner for two at well praised Copenhagen restaurant The Red Box?
Cosy Copenhagen spot - outside The Red Box
Well, then, just click by my blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic friend!
Peace & Love to you,
TheRedBox Copenhagen

Great Copenhagen dinner at The Red Box

Great Copenhagen dinner at The Red Box

Great Copenhagen dinner at The Red Box


Enrique G de la G said...

This blog was awesome, but it has become more about fancy local places to eat/drink than about bikes and fashion. A pity! Back to roots, please!

Unknown said...

+1 what's with all the posh places, links to unrelated blogs, fashion updates and where are the cyclists?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sebastiaan and Enrique, thanks, will make sure to bring more back-to-the-roots photos - starting next Friday! Have a fab day, a-g/CPH BLONDE