12 September 2013

Cycle Chic in San Francisco

These days, Copenhagen Cycle Chic is in San Francisco where the number of cyclists is booming. 

Well, the dominant profile among cyclists is still "young men riding race bike". But, it is now diversifying quickly and "citizen cyclists" are enjoying more and more the streets of SF, steep or flat
Whatever the district, cyclists are reclaiming the streets:

SF - Cycle Chic - race bike & skirt
Skirt & bike race on Polk Street

SF - Cycle Chic
One saddle for two to ride on Valencia Street (Mission)

SF - Cycle Chic - Cruiser
Shopping with a cruiser on Marina

SF - Cycle Chic
Hipster in Mission

SF - Cycle Chic
Woolly hat & tank top on Aquatic Park

More cyclists from SF here.

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Kristin Tieche said...

wait - which one of you is in SF and didn't contact us? come have a drink and/or bike with us? ;-)