30 August 2013

How To Get Copenhagen Hipster Happy - in 29 seconds

Cool Copenhagen Bike Dude
Hi Copenhagen Friend,
What a day! Continuing The Hipster Way aka Miss K.E.G.'s post from yesterday. First I meet Aske…
Such a cool and friendly Copenhagen dude – his hat is from Wardrobe 19 in our Latin Quarter! He loves to take a break at Hipster Bridge on his way home from school. And enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
Cool Copenhagen Bike Dude
Speaking of Hipster Bridge. I continue over the street to The Bridge, noting I’m the proud No. 25.780 cyclist passing it today.
Hipster Bridge Cyclist No. 25.780...
And then.. holy mama, approaching a real Hipster Bridge party, performed by Karmakanonen.
Am I right or am I right...? And LOL – recalling my test drive at Freetown Christiania 4 months ago...
Karmakanonen at Christiania
Hope I made you smile today! You take care - ENJOY your weekend.

Over & out,
a-g go-go


lulufisk said...

you DID make me smile today! love from toronto! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that, lulufisk :D Best, a-g