23 August 2013

Hot Guys go to Copenhagen Latin Quarter

Copenhagen Hot Guy
Stop!! For heaven’s sake… and be portrayed on the blog :)
Copenhagen Hot Guy
Blue eyes? Green eyes? You decide (O; – cute eyes, anyway! Kim loves to hang out in The Living Room, a cool cafe and cocktail bar in Larsbjørnsstræde, located in Copenhagen Latin Quarter.
The Living Room Copenhagen
The Living Room Copenhagen
Copenhagen Hot Guy
Notice the leather bag – hey, we’re talking Good Style. And try read the text on his shirt. Comment this post with what it says – if you can read it (I can’t) – appreciate it.
Copenhagen Hot Guy
Today I also met another Cute Copenhagen Guy…
Cool Copenhagen Bike Dude
… who got his great hat at Wardrobe 19, also in Larsbjørnsstræde. But more on that in another blog post… on www.cphblonde.com.

Peace & Blog Love,
Ps. Want a LOL & yummie experience? Check out this Spanish Copenhagen tapas video.


Kristi said...

probably the shirt says 'if you can see my tattoo you are standind way too close'

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kristi - appreciate it :) You take care!