13 August 2013

Got Stuff To Get Around? Pfff...No Worries!

Got a gig to get to? No worries, swing it on your back and off you go!

Moving house? No worries, just throw in those final bits and bobs into your Christania bike.

Recent trip to Ikea? No worries, hook up a trailer to the back of your bike.

Running a small business? No worries, the bike can carry all your goods and equipment! Think of all the pennies you save on petrol...

Cycling. Still the best way to get your stuff around town! Well in Copenhagen at least...

...And CycleLogistics have just launched their Shop by bike campaign in Copenhagen, one of the twelve European cities that are taking part in an effort to get more Europeans, well, to get their shopping done by bike!

As part of the campaign CycleLogistics are running a photo competition to get Copenhageners to send in pictures of themselves carrying the most impressive load or some of the weirdest items!

For more info or to enter check out Shop by bike KBH Facebook Page

Want more info on CycleLogistics? Click Here

Over and Out!

K.E.G. x

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