26 July 2013

Yay, Copenhagen Italian weekend coming up!

Basil Copenhagen Girl
Well well, guys… what shall we do this weekend – in Copenhagen?
Except for inhaling the incredible scent of basil – before adding it to that Wonder Plate with mozzarella and sunkissed tomatoes (O:
How about enjoying it all on a delicious lunch pizza, for instance in the shape of a Pizza Margherita, DKK 99 at classic Ristorante Italiano in Fiolstræde… MUMS, as they would say appreciatively in Danish.
Margherita Pizza
After having such a wonderful pizza I think I will grab my bike and head towards Mother and Copenhagen Meatpacking District.
CPH Blonde - Mother by Clotilde ImbertdTarget: 
Aah… a big glass of their Aperol, not Spritz, but something I can’t write nor pronounce! A real summer drink.

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Anonymous said...

That pizza looks amazing. I can only imagine how it would taste. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait for more pictures from your trip.

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