25 July 2013

Sporty Summer Chic

sporty chic girl
If you're one of those people who likes the idea of sprawling yourself out in the sun for hours on end but in practice gets bored and restless then you're a bit like me. I'm hopeless. Along with being half-British and half-Danish I'm like a doomed caucasian cocktail aka. tanning does not come easy! But no sweat - there's a way round it. Take up some new sports for the summer and the tanning hours will fly by. Of course, leave it up to the Copenhageners to show us how to keep it Sporty Chic.
Gym buddies.
Crisp white t-shirt and bright coloured shorts keep it summer cool.
sporty boy2
sporty girls
sport chic
Why stick to conventional gym gear? Go all out with t-shirt prints.
jonas and maria
Here's Jonas and Maria setting off to cycle round the city. Great pair of sneakers Jonas!

For the active urbanists, which sports are you guys taking up this summer?

Over and Out!

K.E.G. x

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