22 July 2013

Do Danes Make Good Friends?

fav photo
Just like the rest of Europe the sun is strong in Copenhagen and everyone seems to be back from their holidays!
First thing to do? Catchup with friends. good friend
What makes a good friend? Someone who's there to get you places when you just can't seem to get there yourself. good friend2
Stylish mini-ambulance. good friend4
"Pick it up, woman...got places to be!"

Just a shout out to all my Copenhagen friends - you guys are rockin' my summer!

Over and out!

K.E.G. x


Unknown said...

Danes don't make friends with people beyond the age of around 12. The title of this collection of pictures is surely a joke!

Anonymous said...

Love the caption of the last shot! What a cute but serious dog.

Haven't been to Denmark yet, but your site makes me want to hop a plane and check you guys out. Bisous!