21 June 2013

Where to bring your bike for a Copenhagen drink

Karen and Claus 2
Copenhageners Karen & Claus on a sunny day. The hat of Claus is bought “right next to Illum”. Where?! I guess there are a minimum of 50 stores next to Illum, so good luck if you want exactly the cool hat aka Claus ;) The good news is you can just step into the department store Illum and enjoy a wide selection of nice hats – and don’t you just love it when men wear a hat?
Bicycle friendly Copenhagen
Where to go this weekend? Grab your bike and head for classic Cafe Victor in Ny Østergade:
Cafe Victor
Karen and Claus 1
… and yep, why not spice up your weekend and wear that hat, when you chill out with a drink at Cafe Victor.
Happy Friday!
Ps. I once spiced up a Copenhagen cafe visit with this hat, and had lots of fun (O:
a-g with a hat

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1 comment:

Hans Ditlev Nissen said...

Right beside the hat in the first picture you can see
the sign of a hat shop: PETITGAS.
It's THE one in this part of the world, and located on
Købmagergade right next to Illum.
If you want to buy a hat for a man, don't go anywhere
It's from 1857, and this picture is not from a movie,
it's the real thing!