28 June 2013

The perfect Copenhagen beer

Charlea from Canada in Copenhagen 1
Cool Charlea is visiting from Canada. So – what’s her plans for the weekend?
Charlea from Canada in Copenhagen 1
She plans on going to the Mikkeller bar at Vesterbro - a bar started by two home brewers who in a few years went from hobby brewing in the kitchen to national and international recognition, read more.
So if you fancy a nice cold beer this weekend, why not do  like Charlea – and choose between more than 15 local variants?
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Unknown said...

Here's a funny joke that someone posted on the Daily Beast website that relates to bicycles and bicycle paths. LOL

A bartender is working the day shift at the Hard Road Cafe. He looks up when in walks a big fat stretch of I-95 -- needs repaving, potholes, stripes down the middle all over-painted, tar stripes everywhere. The big highway sits down and orders a beer. The bartender pours it out, sets it down: "traffic getting you down?" he says, then moves away. Gives the big guy his space.

A moment later, a long, skinny piece of pavement comes in, glances around, then walks right up to the big highway sitting at the bar -- and pushes him clean off the stool. The highway glances at the guy, then quietly takes his beer and moves down to the last seat at the bar, sits down and doesn't even look back while he nurses his glass.

The bartender pours another one, walks down to the end of the bar, and puts it down in front of the big, broad shouldered highway. "Gee, buddy -- why'd you let him push you around like that?" The highway just says, quietly: "You don't know him like I do."

"He's a cycle path."