27 December 2013

Copenhagen This Weekend - aka Mikael Cycle Chic

Let's get some summer vibes today, friend! Repeating Cycle Chic Mikael's two Copenhagen hot spots - good to go also in December...

Cycle Chic and CPH BLONDE in persona - 1

Mikael Cycle Chic and I met one sunny day in front of Copenhagen Town Hall, to take some photos for our hot new blog collaboration.

Our two blogs - Cycle Chic you already know; regarded as one of the Top 10 fashion blogs in the world by The Guardian - and my CPH BLONDE regarded... aaah ;) having 10.000 monthly readers, are Real Friends now since the day we had a nice glass of wine at the trendy Falernum cafe and bar on Værnedamsvej:


Falernum is a favorite of Mikael. Go there for that great glass of wine and for the atmospheric street life, he suggests.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic at Rådhuspladsen - part 4

After our Falernum meeting Mikael brought me safely to the Metro Station in this red bullet vehicle! No pictures please - LOL.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic at Rådhuspladsen - part 1
He bicycles all over the town - even to the airport. Oh well, what more to do on a Copenhagen weekend, Mikael?

- Have dinner at Fiskebaren in The Meatpacking District, he says. Oh, and if you spot Mikael at Fiskebaren, alone, he's just spoiling himself - and if he's with a girl, it's probably a date! Tip: Make sure to sit by the bar.


Peace & Blog Love,

Cycle Chic and CPH BLONDE in persona - 2

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