8 April 2013

Motivational Posters

Cycling is Fun! In Summer... - Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin

Spring is here. The perfect time to present some (ironic) motivational cycling posters. Enjoy!

Cycle! And quit having to explain your bad hair days... - Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin

Bycyles Rule! Cars are SO overrated - Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin

Cycle! And see the World! - Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin

Leading - is for suckers... - Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin

Happy Cycling!


Sigrun said...

udmaerket!tak for dem!

leftbanker said...

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

New caption for 3rd photo:
"If Jesus had a bakfiets, getting there would have been half the fun!"

Debi said...

Your site is awesome. I've loved it for many years. Your ad for Bullit bikes however is almost too horrible for words.

As a modern day abolitionist I am appalled at the graphic that says "A pimp is only as good as his product." HORRIBLE. I am ashamed of you.

Human Trafficking is REAL and pimps have caused life long scars to women and children around the world. Please remove this ad from your site.