8 January 2013

Vintage Cycle Chic & Design

Cycle Chic Nineteen Forty Seven
Found this last weekend at one of Copenhagen's better flea markets. A vintage Danish magazine - Familiejournal (Family Journal) - from September 1947. Lovely vintage Cycle Chic. There was no article inside the magazine about cycling. It was just a lovely cover shot showing daily life. In September, too. Heading into fall, but the bicycles roll on.

Danish Design x3: Chair: Ole Wanscher. Bike: Larry vs Harry. The Lulu: Mikael & Susanne. #copenhagen #thelulu #design #danish #bike #cargobike @larryvsharry
Found me a vintage designer chair by the Danish designer Ole Wanscher, too. Now I'm going to have to find some more of the same. Simply because it fits so well on the Bullitt heading home and The Lulu fits perfectly on it, too.

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