27 November 2012

Vintage, Dapper Bicycle Style

Dapper Bike Messengers in Copenhagen
Those were the days, indeed. Bicycle messengers in Copenhagen were always dressed splendidly back in the day. A far cry from their modern brakeless, gearless and perhaps reckless counterparts.
Bike Messengers on City Hall Square in Copenhagen
Uniforms for bike messengers in official service, like the telegraph companies, were de rigeur for decades. For more wonderful photos of Copenhagen's cargo bike and bike messenger history, pop over to Copenhagenize.com.

Manitoba Archives, Winnipeg Streets
And the style parade doesn't stop there. Here's a wonderful shot from Winnipeg on May 4, 1918, on the occasion of a bicycle parade. Thanks to Dustin in Winnipeg for this one!

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Kiwehtin said...

Winnipeg, with one of the old streetcars, too!

Unimaginable nowadays, but how I hope we can get back to something like this again in the future.