10 October 2012

New York, New York

Living in Copenhagen, I've gotten quite confident about my urban skills.  Having mastered the metro system - all two lines; having learned to survive the headwinds and people swirling around on the cycle tracks - all nicely paved and signed; I was ready.

New York City, here we come.

It was not quite what I remembered.  Each subway station does not come fully equipped with subway maps or helpful personnel.  Distances on maps are not closer than they appear.

So, we did the natural thing for two Copenhageners in New York and rented bikes.  First trip was a tour of Brooklyn, from Park Slope to Downtown to Williamsburg with all sorts of foodie stops in between, with our friend Doug Gordon who runs Brooklyn Spoke.
NY bike tour
The day we decided to rent bikes.
Fortunately, for the ride, and the sake of the outdoor ice cream festival pit stop, it stopped raining after approximately one cafe latte.
NY park slopeNY mh
Brooklyn lanes on the left and surprisingly calm Manhattan street on the right.

Sure there are potholes deep enough to make a hangover from two days ago instantly reappear.  And sure the lanes are a bit reminiscent of playing hopscotch on two wheels, but I'll be damned if that wasn't the most absolutely wonderful way to get around and to experience New York City. 

According to my friend Anna, and go to for all things New York, it's also arguably now one of the fastest ways to get around.
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
Word is this level of the Bridge is going to be widened to give more space to both pedestrians and cyclists.

Until next time, thanks for the ride New York.

Here's a video Mikael made back in 2009 - Bicycle Bridges in NYC:

Bicycle Bridges from Copenhagenize on Vimeo.


brooklynash said...

You're right. It's definitely the fastest way to get around on most days. And the quickest way to learn the NYC and Brooklyn.

Now if the drivers can just learn to be courteous. :)


Mary said...

Agreed. I've never gotten a better sense of direction or understanding in the city. It was cool.

Surprisingly, the drivers weren't bad. Nor where the cops. Once they actually encouraged us to run the red light as not many people were around. The new New York?