16 October 2012

A Ride in Style in Copenhagen

Ride in Style 2012 Enhedslisten_1
Not long ago we were on a little Ride in Style here in Copenhagen. Normally, bike rides are something that are associated with Emerging Bicycle Cultures. For Copenhageners it's usually just A2B on our trusty iron horses.

We've been on many a bike ride around the world in our Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize work but this one was a little different. It was very Copenhagen. The cool bike design shop Biker's Remix organised a cool little tour one Saturday. On bikes, of course, 'cause that's the way we all roll here, but with focus on design, food and drink. A pleasant afternoon with fellow Copenhageners cruising our beloved Copenhagen.
Ride in Style 2012_2

Ride in Style 2012_4 Ride in Style 2012_7
First stop was the Biker's Remix showroom to check out cool designed bicycles and to sample the first sip of the day (above left).

Copenhagen Bikers Remix_7 Copenhagen Bikers Remix_6

Onward we rolled. To visit design studio MAIK in the Vesterbro neighbourhood.
Ride in Style 2012_9 Ride in Style 2012_11
MAIK dished up some beers and we were invited to participate in a design process brainstorm.

Ride in Style 2012_15
Back to the streets we climbed.

Ride in Style 2012_25 Ride in Style 2012_19
It was time for ice cream.
Ride in Style 2012_18 Ride in Style 2012_21
Ride in Style 2012_24 Ride in Style 2012_22
We stopped at Oswald's Ice Cream Bar.

Ride in Style 2012_27 Ride in Style 2012_34
And off we went. To the Nørrebro neighbourhood. With beverages, of course. This is Denmark, not Afghanistan.

Ride in Style 2012_38
Next stop was Urban Room No. 11. The groovy little design shop in Nørrebro. They dished up coffee and cake for us.
Ride in Style 2012_37 Ride in Style 2012_45

Ride in Style 2012_47 Ride in Style 2012_55
We were never in a hurry. When it was time to leave, it just felt right.

Ride in Style 2012_54 Ride in Style 2012_50
We visited the workshop of the coolest bicycle designer in the Kingdom. Cykelmageren (The Bike Maker), for more snacks and refreshments and a look at Rasmus' brilliant crafted bikes and bits of bikes.

Ride in Style 2012_58
Then we returned to Vesterbro, to visit the Vess art gallery. It was now cocktail time.
Ride in Style 2012_60 Ride in Style 2012_61

Ride in Style 2012_64
We wrapped up the afternoon back where we started, at Kødbyens Deli in the Meatpacking District, for chili con carne and beers.

Some of our lovely friends took their leave of us, as above, and others headed out for the evening at a bar in the centre of the city.
Ride in Style 2012_67
Thanks to Biker's Remix for a brilliant day out with friends, design, sweet and savoury food, refreshing beverages and a super concept.
Ride in Style 2012_30
We'll roll with you anytime.

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