20 August 2012

Nora & One Left - Bicycle - the album

Cycle Chic by Nora and One Left_2
What a way to start the week!

Fresh out of the postbox, a copy of a new album by Washington, DC band Nora and One Left.

It's called, quite simply, Bicycle. The whole album is a musical ode to the beauty of the bicycle.

Forgive us for being biased, but here at our offices we're rather fond of track #2 - Cycle Chic immortalised in melody and lyrics. Sigh.

Or hear Cycle Chic - The Song over at Soundcloud.

Pre-production of the album has been underway for a while now so it's brilliant to finally have a hardcopy of it. We collaborated with the songwriter a while back, Rick Rowland, about the Cycle Chic song and the cities/countries that are in the Cycle Chic Republic and he has composed a fine light-hearted song.

Cycle Chic by Nora and One Left
Nora's finely elegant and soulful voice carries all the songs to the next level. The perfect voice to celebrate such a beautiful and poetic mode of transport. There is a bit of Vanessa Paradis in there and a touch of Nina Persson from The Cardigans.
Cycle Chic by Nora and One Left_1

The bicycle has been celebrated in music, literature and poetry for more than a century. Simple, soulful songs and texts have always been the rule. They seem to suit the bicycle better than overcomplicated compositions.

Nora and One Left's "Bicycle" is, all at once, an ode, a celebration and a declaration of love to the two-wheeled invention that has served us so well for the past 125 years. It is a timely release and a most welcome one.

Website: Nora and One Left
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NoraandOneLeft

Stay tuned here to Cycle Chic. We'll be giving away some albums together with copies of Cycle Chic - The Book in the near future!

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(Gee) Curitiba Cycle Chic said...

A great gift! The song "Cycle Chic is beautiful!