31 August 2012

Cycle Chic Moscow

Summer streets#8
Been a while since we've been in Moscow. Luckily, one of our Russian readers, Ivan Ivanov, is on hand to fill us in on the urban cycling scene in the city. Thanks, Ivan!
summer streets#3

summer streets#10

summer streets#1

In Moscow metro after "Velo night" "Knitted" Bicycle on Pokrovka street

Bicycle parking near "Ciferblat" cafe

summer streets#7

summer streets#6 summer streets#5

summer streets#2

Moscow Velo Night

On bike path constr. site

Summer park#2

1 comment:

Simon Nurse said...

It's official. Moscow is definitely sunnier than Wales. Also nice to see the Bike is mightier than the Bentley (4th picture). Lead on Muscovites.