16 August 2012

BikersRemix at Copenhagen Fashion Week

CFW bikers remix2
The first of 50 in the gold bicycle series.
It's not too often we get really worked up about bikes.  After all, its' about YOU on the bike.  But last weekend just outside the Royal Danish Theatre, overlooking Copenhagen's harbor, stood a gorgeous collection of Danish designed bicycles, iconically Scandinavian with their sleek minimalistic designs.  The owners, BikersRemix, have a strong appreciation for the bicycles, the culture, and the design that in part defines Copenhagen.  No wonder we couldn't help ourselves.
CFW bikers remix
The Georg Jensen Bike.
CFW bikers remix3

After discovering the newspaper holders in Ferrara, which were blogged about over at Copenhagenize, our love and fascination of them has never disappeared.  Which is why we were so pleased to see this black leather Danish version.

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