17 July 2012

The Triobike/Cycle Chic Roadtrip!

On my recent trip to Vancouver I got a crazy idea, together with the Danish cargo bike brand Triobike. Why not take a Danish cargo bike with me and test it out in a North American city?

So, we shipped a Triobike Mono to Vancouver and, with the help of friends in the city, we rode it around and let other people have a go. At top left is Victoria from Vancouver Cycle Chic riding me around. At right is David from Vancouver Cycle Chic and me - in and on the bike - and Chris from Whoa Nellie - the coolest bike shop in the city. At right is Chris Bruntlett, also from Vancouver Cycle Chic.

The best thing was watching the reactions of the citizens of the city. Always positive, often amazed, at the sight of the Triobike.

David and Victoria from Vancouver Cycle Chic (at left) and together with me while we were parking the bike at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown (middle). And David and Victoria in the cargo bay while I rode us around one night, barhopping.

Here's a view of the cargo bay with the bench (at left) and parked outside the Simon Fraser University downtown venue where I gave my Bicycle Culture by Design talk to a great crowd (middle) and parked in a Vancouver neighbourhood (at right).

Chris and Melissa tested out the bike for a couple of days, too. Riding home one evening (at left) and complete with their kids on grocery shopping trips and just fun trips (middle and right)

The Triobike blending well with the local landscape (at left) and transporting men and beasts (at right).

It was great fun to ride in the city and thanks to all our friend for babysitting the bike.

The Triobike is now off on a roadtrip across Canada and the States. We have hooked up "babysitters" in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, New York and Chicago before the bike will end up in Long Beach in September so I can ride it while I speak at the Pro Walk - Pro Bike conference in September - as well as cool Cycle Chic events.

Next stop for the Triobike is BikeBike bike shop in Calgary! Let's see what THEY can do with it. :-)


Lana said...

Do you need any babysitters in Ottawa? I volunteer!

We ride our Babboe cargo bike around town, but would love to toot around on a Danish bike.

BikeBike said...

Looking forward to getting our hands on it!

Amy said...

When will you be in Toronto?! What will you be doing?