23 June 2012

Ukiyo-e (Japanese Style Chic)

uliyo-e double panel 1
Ukiyo-e wood prints first impacted the Impressionists and later the Manga cartoonists. Today its our turn to show some inspired Copenhagen Chic Ukiyo-e panels!

The fun of its all is of course creating your own Chic fantasy adventures. A little French Noire Chic. Spooky - N'est Pas?
uliyo-e double panel 2

One Impressionist idea was that the half cut faces and bodies could help focus our attention to the details that are revealed; here the decorative flowers that adorn these bikes.
uliyo-e double panel 3

Pure Turbo Chic.
uliyo-e double panel 4

Red vs. Red. Remember to have fun!
Ukiyo-e double panel 5

Happy Cycling!

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Mary said...

brilliant juxtaposition!