8 May 2012

Cycle Chic Postcard - Zagreb

Zagreb Cycle Chic Tomislav
Tomislav works at the Danish Embassy and he deftly and elegantly led me around the city when I was there for to give my Bicycle Culture by Design talk and open my Monumental Motion photo exhibition. The bike belonged to his grandfather and was so cool it was painful. Suits the man, though, doesn't it?

Zagreb Cycle Chic-003
A bicycle made for two.

Zagreb Cycle Chic
Balkan cool.

Zagreb Cycle Chic-004
A young Zagreb-ian ... uh... Zagrebite... um... Zagreber... uh... citizen of Zagreb out for a spin.

Zagreb Cycle Chic-001
Unfortunately, I found myself in a car at one point. Fortunately, I only spend about 15 hours a year in automobiles.

Zagreb Cycle Chic Kissing
It's scientifically proven... bicycles make you want to kiss more.

Zagreb Cycle Chic-005
Or just flirt.

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