11 April 2012

Jopohagen Preview

Cycle Chic did a photo shoot for Jopo Bicycles from Finland last week. We're looking forward to blogging the photos but for now, here's the photographer's favourite shot of the day, featuring our Czech model, Anna.

On the railing you can see that this bicycle/pedestrian bridge is the Copenhagen place where lovers lock padlocks to symbolise their love. You see this all around the world, thanks to the Italian novel I Want You by author Federico Moccia.

Praha Lock
Here's one I shot in Prague last year.


ana said...

Just a suggestion:
Ysbrand Rogge's picture "cycling round Macau" in the 50's...

It's in his Flickr:


Anonymous said...

The padlock thingy: Federico Moccia wrote "Ho voglia di te" (I want you) in 2006. I have seen lots of railings and fences in Europe before that date with padlocks on them. When I studied in Pecs, in Hungary, in the early 90ties - the local students used padlocks to symbolize their love. So nothing new under the sun.. :-)