30 April 2012

I'm OK, You're OK!

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 1431
A tribute thread to the many who wave and greet me as they pass while I'm taking their picture!

Especially young people are often alert and like the attention.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 0285

"Peace" - don't see that very often here in Copenhagen. But in Japan the peace sign is almost ubiquitous whenever you take a portrait or group shot.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 2256

It happens that people wave for my attention to make sure I get their picture.Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 1466

I do get the occasional signal or request not to take someone's picture. Fortunately, there's enough happy people to go around.
Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 0242

Happy Cycling!


Anonymous said...

Nice series. Thank you.
There are many (really many) affable and congenial people in all the countries I've visited esp. among the (so-called)'proletriat' bicyclists (and notably in Asia and east Europe)

Anonymous said...

ooops ... 'proletriat'= 'proletariat' ....am punishing my refractory fingers.

The Nightfly said...


Check out this Mads Bjorn music video with vintage black/white footage of Copenhagen circa 1930-1940s: loads of chic bike riders!

André said...

*raises hand* hey there!
Great photos ;)