28 February 2012

Wait for It

February Urban Cycling_1
The World's Best Behaved Bicycle Users in Copenhagen like to wait for it.
With a basket.
Red Light Moments
With a soundtrack.
With a headwind.
February Urban Cycling_2
With a delightful ensemble.
Completely Casual
With complete casualness.


Anonymous said...

Haha you must be joking "best behaved",more like now it´s the bike thats the bully ,not the car , it´s not nice being pedestrian in copenhagen!

Colville-Andersen said...

nope. I ride - and walk - around the city with hundreds of urban planners, politicians and architects from all over the world each year and they are all amazed at how well-behaved our bicycle users are. and travelling to other countries it's plain to see that we have the best cyclists in the world here in Copenhagen. makes me proud

Kurt said...

Very chic group of calm cyclists. I agree with you on the ensemble of the woman on the red mixte, very together, very chic. Yet, she really should take her trusty bike in for some work on that chain.

Anonymous said...

Ja men Mikael,det er fordi du har den grundholdning at det er ok, at køre på fortov og f.eks krydse fodgængerfelter kørende på cyklen istedet for at trække den.Du har simpelhen skyklapper på og vil ikke se problemerne.Hvis det skal være normen at tillade kørsel på fortov , hvorfor skal vi så i det hele taget ha' dedikerede cykelstier?Er det iorden synes du at fodgængere begynder at bruge cykelstierne ?