13 February 2012

Bike n Skate

Going Skating in Copenhagen
When the city's Lakes freeze over, Copenhageners gravitate to them. Our little family are no exception.

Copenhagen Ice Cargo
This guy was just spinning around in circles on his Christiania Bike for ages. Having a ball with his kid in the cargo box.
Copenhagen Ice Wheelspin
Skates - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen

Skate Transport
Getting to The Lakes by bike/trike is a given.

Copenhagen Ice Transport

Copenhagen Shoe Storage
And that basket is perfect for storing your shoes whilst you're out on the ice.

Christiania Ice
Parking is rarely a problem.

Bicycle Ice and Texting - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen
Texting is no problem.

Bicycle Ice Friends - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen
Bringing a friend is always a lovely idea.

Run Fun3 Run Fun Run Fun2
And playing around is a requirement. Like running and sliding.

Bicycle on Winter Ice in 1922 - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen
And it ain't no new-fangled thing, as this 1922 photo will attest.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, riding on the ice doesn't end well for everyone.


Planet MarTay said...

Whoa, was that guy cycling on ice AND texting? I'd break my neck...

thittlyc said...

None of us are getting out of here alive. Enjoy every sandwich.

Alicia Oblander said...

Awwww family biking is so cute! :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures every time! When are you coming to Ghent in Belgium? beautiful city with a lot of bycicles!

Amanda said...

Love the picture from 1922. I wonder if Annie Londonderry ever cycled on ice?

I should write that into the movie!