26 February 2012

Bicycles at London Fashion Week

The Bicycle Renaissance rolls on. Bicycle featured in this catwalk show at the London Fashion Week. The bicycles are from Rule Bikes.

The fashion industry embraced Cycle Chic shortly after the blog started and it's reassuring to see that they aren't tiring of them after over four years. Good for returning the bicycle to the urban landscape.

Cosmopolitan has a write up about the catwalk show here. It was, they say, the first time bicycles appeared on the catwalk during London Fashion Week.

The bicycle is all over the place. Fancy a bicycle print handkerchief? Designer Alice Nichol has one for you. A penny farthing necklace? Bottica will help you out. A blouse with a bicycle print? Check out ASOS for one of those.

Bike is still the new black.


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