9 January 2012

Spitzel - The Handlebar iPhone Holder

Spitzel iPhone Holder for Bicycles
The SPITZEL is really truly one of the products we've been waiting to see pop up on the market. An attachable iPhone holder- we were told it adapts brilliantly for nearly any activity and its equipment- shopping cart, baby carriage, golf bag, you name it. We, of course, promptly attached it to bicycle handlebars to give it the Cycle Chic test.

Just as promised, it is super quick and easy to install. Less than 30 seconds quick and easy. With the flexible holder, my phone was readily and snuggly perched on top of the handlebars, and we were heading toward our meeting in no time. This model was designed for an iPhone 4, but my 3G fit neatly in anyways.

Spitzel iPhone Holder for Bicycles
One of the selling points is that it's better for safe cycling. While we are safe riding these streets as is, the SPITZEL certainly proved that it's better for social cycling. It held up to our expectations while sipping coffee and texting on the ride to work. In addition to texting, navigation ended up being the perfect use for the phone holder- and my favorite use.

No more taking gloves on and off, digging in my coat pocket for my phone to check the unpronounceable - and therefore impossible to remember - road name we'd be turning on. The phone was there, the map was there, and my fingers could be warm in their mittens (had I actually remembered them).

Spitzel iPhone Holder for Bicycles
Oh and while we're at it, their cycling handbag is pretty cool too. It attaches to nearly any part of the frame and is big enough for your netbook or tablet.

Fahrer bicycle bag
As an added bonus the SPITZEL, and all other Fahrer products, are made out of recycled materials and in cooperation with sheltered workshops in Berlin. You can check out their online shop here.


Alexis / XÜ said...

The Spitzel will be back in stock at XÜ very soon...


Alexis / XÜ

JimF said...

That iphone mount looks excellent. Out of interest is it waterproof?

If so, it would be most handy in the UK!


Sessões Fotográficas said...

Good ideia!

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