2 December 2011

True Bike Love, Baby

Copenhagen Bike Love - Tall
I saw this outside my window an hour ago. I've seen hundreds of bicycle users waiting at this spot in the evening, casting shadows from the car headlights. Suddenly, like a vision, a heart formed. It lingered there, imprinted on the asphalt for more than a minute. Until the light changed and the bicycle was set into motion. But the heart remains in these photographs. This is urban living. This is bike love. This is the future for our cities, baby.

Copenhagen Bike Love - Wide

And because we love you all madly, all you Cycle Chic readers, here are a couple of versions of the photo you can use as wallpaper for your trusty computer:

This one is 1400 x 800. Click on it, new window, right click to save as.
This one is 1024 x 768.

This one is 1900 x 1200. By special request... :-)

Have a lovely weekend.


patrick herring said...

Cartier-Bresson would be proud!

JordiGalĂ­ said...

That is indeed a message!
no words needed

GuitarSlinger said...

Another H.C. Bresson moment . You're getting good at those !

As to the future of cities being bicycles though ? As far as here in the US ..... I wish !

Never gonna happen , but I wish !

kfg said...

Lovely. Thanks for making them savable.

jjbikes said...

Love appears in unexpected places!