5 December 2011

Socially Nocturnal

Mesteren og Lærlingen_7
Some more shots from the Copenhagen nightlife. It's like truck stops in America. The ones with the most trucks have the best food. In Copenhagen the bars with the most bicycles are the ones you want to be at. I was at (among other places) Mesteren & Lærlingen (The Boss and the Apprentice) in the meat packing district. It's an old bar that the butchers in the meat packing district used to hang out at and now it's a cosy restaurant in the evenings and a throbbing, pulsing bar at night.
Mesteren og Lærlingen

Mesteren og Lærlingen_11

Mesteren og Lærlingen_8
There was music pumping away inside, but this guy was parked out front with his vintage Longjohn cargo bike, playing groovy tunes for the crowds hanging out in front of the bar, despite the temperature hovering around zero.
Mesteren og Lærlingen_9

Mesteren og Lærlingen_10

Mesteren og Lærlingen_2 Glory Cycles

Mesteren & Lærlingen - Flæsketorvet 86. Meat Packing District in Vesterbro.

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Lindymegan said...

Headed to visit Copenhagen tomorrow and can't wait! Thanks for the inspiration.

-Megan (Boston, MA)