1 December 2011

Nuits Nordiques

Nordic Evening_1
The light fades fast in Copenhagen at this time of year. Late-afternoon traffic is illuminated by city lights. Home we go to candles. Candles are second-nature to Danes and you'd be hard-pressed to find a home without them.
Nordic Evening
Automobiles are pretty much useless props in cities, but for fractions of time they serve a purpose - casting shadows to make the bicycle users look even more spectacular than they are.
Nordic Evening_2

Nordic Evening_4


steelshwinnster54 said...

The shadows that are cast of bicycles from car headlights are very illuminating, perhaps projecting the very soul of the bicycle as it were.

Vincent - Strasbourg Cycle Chic said...

Like your title, in French !! And those noctural pictures also, of course... I try on my own but I need to practice more.

Paulo Rosa said...

Grande cidade que é conpenhagen e as suas silhuetas de ciclistas .
Um abraço :)
Fantastisk by, som er conpenhagen og deres silhuetter af cyklister.
Et knus:)