8 December 2011

Cycle Chic & Muuse.com - Match Made in Heaven

Readers may recall the post about Cycle Chic's film shoot with Muuse.com from a while back. We're pleased to finally be able to present the film we made in collaboration with Muuse.

We shot it out at Amager Beach in Copenhagen a couple of months ago. It was a chilly day but we are pleased that the film has a hint of summer to it.

For us at Cycle Chic, Muuse is the perfect playmate. Not only are we good friends socially and professionally, the whole concept of Muuse is appealing to us. The fashion industry is hopelessly unsustainable. Big companies produce piles of clothes and, if they don't get sold, they are shredded and thrown away. Muuse features top young designers and customers can order the outfits on their website. When a certain number of orders are reached, Muuse puts the outfit into production. Ethically and locally.

The designs chosen for the film are all harmonious with the bicycle and go hand in hand with the inherent aestheticism of the two-wheeled machine. Bike geeks will bang on about goofy "cycling clothes" with reflective bits and pieces or "urban cycling trousers" (we've been riding bicycles for a century without needing them) but we'll just send you to this blogpost for our point of view about this. And while we're at it, this little film explains why we prefer to be citizens who use bicycles to get around instead of "cyclists".

Anyway... these outfits are haute couture, sure, but we love them for their flowing fabric movement. Bicycles, by their very nature, create a movement of air around us. Designs that accentuate and compliment this natural flow of air add to the appealing nature of seeing Citizen Cyclists on bicycles. Not surprisingly, we filmed the bicycle shots from a Nihola cargo bike. And thanks to Velorbis for loaning us the bicycles used by our model.

The designs used in the film are by Linda Vasel, Nathalie Fordeyn and Laura Baruël - three designers collaborating with Muuse.com.

Muuse Meets Cycle Chic_27

Director: Mikael Colville-Andersen / Cycle Chic
Cinematographer: Theis Mortensen
Model: Maria Bloch-Jørgensen
Styling: Muuse.com



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Brrrrrrrr :(

Anonymous said...

very cool video, gorgeous models and beautiful bikes!