24 December 2011

Christmas Trees and Bicycles

Christmas Tree Bike
It's the 24th of December. Jul in Denmark. Yesterday, this tree was heading to a good home on a good cargo bike.
Christmas Wrappin
And wrapping paper was being speedily transported to waiting presents in a bicycle basket.

Cycle Chic wishes you all a wonderful holiday season!

Christmas Tree Transport Christmas Tree Transport
Juletree - Copenhagen Yule Christmas Tree Bicycle 04
Long John Christmas Tradition in Copenhagen Felix and the Tree
Christmas Tree Going Home Copenhagen Yule

Of course, nobody says you need a tree to decorate... :-)


Anonymous said...

Lodz Cycle Chic wishes you merry Christmas as well! See our cycling officer carrying his tree and daughter here. :)

Dave Taylor said...

Love to see stuff in cargo bikes. I came accross this today. Totally insane. http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/galleries/2011/12/25/china-alain-delorme-totem-photos.html