15 November 2011


Eight Forty Three_2
Yesterday morning, on the fifth anniversary of the first photo, I went down to the spot where I took that photo. Back in 2006, I was on my bicycle heading to work at Danish Broadcasting, but yesterday I just stood on the sidewalk to take a couple of photos at 08:43.

I wasn't aiming to take an identical photo, just a photo. Here's what rolled past my lens.
Eight Forty Three

On the occasion of Cycle Chic's birthday, our friends around the world were all out at 08:43 in their respective cities, to take a tribute photo. Have a look at their blogs to see what they captured.

- Lodz Cycle Chic, Poland
- Sydney Cycle Chic
- Budapest Cycle Chic
- Berlin Cycle Chic
- Cardiff Cycle Chic
- Lisbon Cycle Chic

Eight Forty Three_1

For good measure, we documented the moment. :-)
Eight Forty Three_3


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Who'se Mary Embry, you dawg?!

TaraCrews said...

That is something really interesting!

dygituljunky said...

Is it just happenstance or has bicycle traffic really increased that much?

kfg said...

Happy Birthminute.

Road Bikes said...

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wentwell said...

Well done with your blog !

Anonymous said...

@dygituljunky bicycle traffic has been at this level for years in Copenhagen. So just happenstance. Or a different location.