25 October 2011

Glove On, Glove Off

Half Gloved
A propos the recent post about Breaking out the Gloves, here are some gloved and half/gloved photos from the Copenhagenesque urban landscape.
Cool Gloves

Half Gloved_1


Storm said...

Autumn: this time of year it is gloves on in the morning and gloves off in the evening!

kiwehtin said...

All you need is glove!

kristi@lovelyvelo said...

Love the whole look going on with the red bike. Great boots, great bag, and obviously, great bike!

bee and jay said...

Had to break out the gloves today- And we're not too happy about that!

gluease said...

Glove me tender
Finding the mitten way

holger said...

the red bike is obviously up to date. the riders style is timeless!